Let’s be Superheroes

At Apollo, we aspire and dream to bring about a positive change in the world. We want to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

This deep-rooted desire comes from our obsession with superheroes. We grew up watching Captain Planet 🌎, Power puff girls and to this date are first in line to watch every single Marvel or DC superhero movie 🦹‍♀️. Funnily enough, even our Loan Management System is named after a superhero called⚡️Sonic.

Superheroes inspire us and we take every single opportunity to be just like them. At Apollo, we’ve channeled this inspiration by supporting and evangelizing women's empowerment 👭. We started by developing and fostering a diverse team and now are proud to take the next steps in this journey. 

Today we are happy to announce our support for girl’s education. With this endeavor, our goal is to help educate young girls and give them access to something we were fortunate enough to have at their age. Education has a multiplier effect 🌱 on the growth of families, communities, and countries! As the saying rightly goes ‘If you educate a girl, you educate the future💫.

We are so pleased, humbled, and honored to have sponsored & partnered with these 3  highly passionate and super impactful organizations. Our interactions with them left us in awe and made us realize that they are the true real-world superheroes 🤍

Milaan Foundation

  • Milaan, in its 13 years of existence has educated and empowered 40,000 children in 4 states in India. Its Girl Icon programme selects girl leaders at the grass-root level delivering education and instigating collective social actions on issues that affect adolescent girls. 

  • This project creates young girl leaders within a community or village who act as support systems to many other girls around them. 

Nanhi Kali 

  • Nanhi Kali supports girls from low-income families to complete ten years of formal schooling; the project has impacted the lives of over 450,000 girls (called Nanhi Kalis) from underserved communities across the country.

  • A disturbing majority number of girls usually drop out of school when they reach secondary school due to reasons such as child marriage, menstruation, and other such social pressures. This project is an afterschool program to fill in the gaps in these girls' formal education and they have been very successful in ensuring that young girls do not drop out of schooling early on. 

Parinaam Foundation

  • Conceived in 2006, the Parinaam Foundation works with urban low-income communities to bring them out of poverty through financial literacy and social inclusion.

  • The foundation believes that lower-income communities in urban areas face many social and psychological issues due to the clear disparity in wealth they see around them. This project focuses on uplifting girls from such communities in urban areas by supporting their education.

If you or your organization are in a position to help these little angels in the smallest way possible please do reach out to them and help make a difference 💙. You can be a superhero too!