The secret sauce of Apollo Finvest

  • We’ve come a long way here at Apollo. Right from building a tech startup under the spotlight of a public listed company 🙇🏼 to working with 50+ fintechs along the way to growing from a market cap of 10cr to 200+cr. All this in a short span of over 2.5+ years. What an action-packed ride it's been so far and you know what’s amazing? It feels like we are just getting started 🐣

  • When you're on the fast track of life, time absolutely flies. So every now and then I like to look back at our journey. It helps put things in perspective, recall experiences, things we got right and mistakes from which we learned from along the way

  • Today I would like to talk about one of the things I am proud to say we got right. This is the Diversity ✨ in our team. A team which is well balanced with an equal number of men and women! 

  • This is a topic which is very close to my heart 💗. Its benefits are something I am very passionate about and I am so happy to have been able to build it into the cultural tapestry and foundation of our company

  • Here are some interesting facts 🤓 about us 

    • 60% of Apollo’s team comprises of women

    • 40% of our Board has women

    • Our largest Shareholder is a woman

    • A woman single-handedly started building our tech platform, while she was pregnant. She worked like a superwoman pretty much until the day she delivered a beautiful girl into the world 

    • When we started building Apollo, for the first couple of months, we had a team of only women employees!

  • I know what you must be thinking. These points seem women-centric. That does not seem very diverse. Well, this is intentional

  • Today there is a clear and distinct lack of women in the workforce. If we want to achieve diversity, we must solve this problem ✊🏻

How did we do this?

  • This is one of the most common questions I am asked and well the answer to this is quite simple really: Diversity starts at the very top 🚀

  • At Apollo, the founding team is a man and a woman. With such a starting point, the rest just came organically

  • Diversity is not something that we actively planned or hired for

  • When we were starting our company, our focus like any other early-stage company was on only 1 thing: Finding product-market fit. Nothing else mattered! 🤺

  • Most of the initial hiring was led by me and I had a simple goal: Find the best talent for the role

  • Now when I reminisce, I think it’s because I was a woman and one who was fortunate to have been brought up in a family where men and women contributed equally both professionally and personally, I was subconsciously making decisions resulting in a well-balanced team 🧘🏻‍♀️

  • In fact, I was only made to realise this phenomenon in our team composition when we had a visitor in our office one day who pointed out how impressed he was to see this especially in a tech startup

How has this helped us? Let’s talk about specific areas in the company

Why can’t this be every company’s secret sauce?

  • If there’s anything you would like to know more about or have specific questions regarding getting going on this mission, please let me know. Now go out and let’s execute this! Remember: Diversity is your next Superpower!  


Diksha Nangia
CFO & Director