Upgrade to the Credit API 💡

This monster update brings speed and scale to the party!

What is it? 🤔

We are upgrading our Credit API to a newer, faster version!

What is the benefit?🌈

  • This API now enables Fintechs to place concurrent credit requests. Simply put, Fintechs no longer need to queue requests in a sequence when processing more than 1 case at a time

  • Imagine this upgrade: 4X faster speed per API call + Ability to handle concurrent API calls. This is built to scale ⚡️

  • There is no other change in the request or response body- it only got more efficient and quicker!

How can Fintechs start using this? 🚀

  • Write to us at product@apollofinvest.com

  • We will share your unique credentials along with the updated API URL and voila you will be upgraded!

We have a couple of credit APIs available basis their underlying raw data. You can find their documentation here for more details: Credit 1, Credit 2